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Breathe, Release, Allow.

Devotional Candles
Lavender Spray
  • Single Intention Candles

    Set your intentions with the perfect small ceremony. This is active self-care for the soul.

    Made with witchy wax: 100% Beeswax brewed in a hydrosol/florasol steam and infused with organic flowers, herbs and love, for meditational practice.

  • Inspired by our relationship with nature.

    With beauty, you set your intentions in motion, because thoughts are a physical act.

    Your intentions lead your habits, your relationships- everything. It’s good to take the time to honor them. THIS is the fun of casting candles- sending out plant magic- witchy wax we brew with our very own herb blend and steam in a hydrosol bath from distillates we make from organic plants, putting ALL THAT natural goodness in a tiny, temporary, MEANT TO BE ENJOYED art form- exactly like the universe did with you.

  • Intention Candles are too pretty NOT to burn!

    The clarity of intention and connection to real plant magic that we get from spending the time enjoying and reflecting in brief and cleansing candlelight meditating is why we love hand-molding beautiful one of a kind works of art that last only briefly. Our candles are a joy meant to be spent- they are beautiful in the moment, then gone. They are mirrors, reflecting your commitment to making yourself, and so the universe, as creative, loving and connected to the deepest sources of all knowing wisdom. 

Connect to magical you.

Magic is as magic does- and we see magic DOING all around us in ways tiny and massive. We are all connected to this magical energy.

We celebrate our connection joyously: mind, body and spirit!

We cultivate our magic with meditation, self-expression, a quest for knowledge and exploration, ancient knowledge and lost traditions, the plants we bring into our homes and surround ourselves with, and our green and witchy relationship to nature and our own intuitive wisdom.

All of our products are meditation minded , plant inspired and consciously created with joy to cultivate magic.

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