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Green Witch Garden Apothecary

Lotus Truffle Intention Candles, Set of 6

Lotus Truffle Intention Candles, Set of 6

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Set your sweet intentions with this single use intention setting candles. Set of 6, signature peppermint base scent, lavender and rose petal infused. No artificial perfumes. 
Candles measure approximately 1.5” across, and burn 30 minutes to several hours depending on the container they’re burned in (flat surfaces burn out more quickly, containing the wax results in longer burns).

Mixed bunch, colors may vary, and each candle contains it's own quirks as candles are hand-cast in small batches.

Warning: Never burn candles unattended. only burn candles in or on a heatproof surface. do not allow the candle to burn directly on glass, the glass will eventually break, which can cause spilled wax, burns or fire.


Never burn a candle in a child's room unattended, or leave a burning candle where a child might reach it.


Always make intentions with love in your heart, as we tend to get what we ask for.

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