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I am located in Sitka, Alaska, and at this time we do not have a physical shop. I am in the office and respond to emails as soon as possible in normal business hours.

 (360)-770-6035 is the best number to reach me.


Welcome to Green Witch Garden Apothecary!

I'm so happy you’ve found your way!

I am Ember, and I am most at home in some of the wildest, most remote places on earth. At home in the woods and on the water, I am an explorer of space and spirit. These wild places within and without have inspired my life and my work, leading me to create Green Witch Garden Apothecary- an energetic space devoted to using inner-magic to consciously and joyfully create a more powerful way of being in our lives.


I am an artist and maker. My candles are meant for intentional use, and like my paintings, meant to add reflection, light, intuition and beauty to the world. 

I hope you enjoy my offerings. 

Thank you for visiting this space. 


Intention Candles

Every single step begins with an intention.

Made with witchy wax: 100% Beeswax brewed in a hydrosol/florasol steam and infused with organic flowers, herbs and love, Lightly aromatic, herbal, minty and clean, never perfume-y or heavy, witchy wax is brewed with Our very own herb blend and steamed in a Florasol Filled Crock Where they are hand-colored with vegetable dye and mica from distillates we make from organic plants, natural plant oils and 100% natural beeswax- no soy or fillers.


Candles are hand-cast and made of organic, natural materials. 


This means that your candle was lovingly made one-of-a-kind, and may vary and contain nuances as individual as your intentions.


Contact us:

P.O. Box 6492, Sitka, AK 99835



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