Painting count: 15/79 

One thing about me is that I love systems. I don't just love them- I need them. I want to make a system for everything I want to do. If I don't have a good system, I won't do it. A system is a thousand tiny habits put together to make the darn thing work. 

I have to admit, I got in a little over my head on the readings. Not that I don't want to do them or anything like that, I just didn't expect there to be so many of them- and I was caught, system-less! Well, not completely systemless- I did actually design a journal designed just for organizing lots of readings, but really, until I do a thing a few times, I don't really know the best way to do it. 

So my new idea is this: 

I'm going to pull the cards and do the entry completely intuitively. I will take a pic of the entry. I will limit this to 5 a day for now, subject to change.

Then, I'll come here and log the readings under the card that I pulled, and I'll do some research on the cards, consult the guides, in order to do that. 

Today, I haven't even started painting yet, and it's already 4 pm. It's so much easier to do computer work around here when it's quiet though, and it's easier to be interrupted when I'm painting than working on amazon listings or other tedium, most days. 

Over the weekend, I worked on the Strength card, the Magician and the World. I'm excited to talk about the World card more- I felt an understanding that I never had before; the World as one living piece of the grid, humans being the fruit of energetic creation, but not whole picture, this one short life, not even if we wanted it to be so, tired as we may be, some days. 

I have also come to some loose decisions regarding the format of the card, the writing, the layout. The Empress being today's example. What do you think?

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