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Green Witch Garden Apothecary

The Green Witch Garden Apothecary Little Book Sacred Affirmations

The Green Witch Garden Apothecary Little Book Sacred Affirmations

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50 simple, profoundly powerful statements of truth to remind you with love of who you are and why you're here: An Energetic being meant to love, thrive and consciously create the life you dream of.


Each Affirmation in this guide has been chosen with love and intention. Together, these form a solid basis of radical self-love, truth and empowerment.


As you work through the affirmations in meditation, through reflection and with thoughtful focus, you can record your growth, observations and revelations.

Lots of room for your creative customization. Doodle, log, journal or illustrate the pocket sized book to make it your own.


The sky is not the limit. There is no limit.


Leave the book where you'll see it to remind yourself of your divine truth. Take along on the go for quick moments of soul-soothing grounding. Use with an established meditation practice, or use to establish a new, healthy, life-affirming habit.

Give this book to someone you love. Give this book to someone who could use some loving truth.


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