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Green Witch Garden Apothecary

Green Witch Garden Apothecary Single Intention Candles for Meditation

Green Witch Garden Apothecary Single Intention Candles for Meditation

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Make NOW a moment to celebrate. Candles burn about 30 minutes, so each meditation/intention setting/ceremony has a fresh, beautiful start. Each candle is a tiny work of art dedicated to supporting you and your energetic wellness, each and every candle is imbued with love and awaits your light. 

Set your intentions with the perfect small ceremony. This is active self-care for the soul.
Made with witchy wax: 100% Beeswax brewed in a hydrosol/florasol steam and infused with organic flowers, herbs and love, for meditational practice.

With beauty, you set your intentions in motion, because thoughts are a physical act.Your intentions lead your habits, your relationships- everything. It’s good to take the time to honor them. THIS is the fun of casting candles- sending out plant magic- witchy wax we brew with our very own herb blend and steam in a hydrosol bath from distillates we make from organic plants, putting ALL THAT natural goodness in a tiny, temporary, MEANT TO BE ENJOYED art form- exactly like the universe did with you.

Notes: Sets of 3 or 12 in specific colors are sold by color. These 12 packs are assorted.

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