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Green Witch Garden Apothecary

Personal Tarot: A Guided Journal for Building Your Understanding and Intuition Through Tarot While Creating Your Own Book of Personal Tarot Knowledge.

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Author: Garden Apothecary, Green Witch

Binding: Paperback

Number Of Pages: 449

Release Date: 31-12-2021

Details: A guided journal for building your understanding and intuition through tarot while creating your own book of tarot knowledge. We are Ember and Dasha, and for us, Tarot is part of an incredible journey into the deepest source of inner wisdom: the intuition. Through Tarot and other tools, we have learned to allow our own deep self voices to be heard. In the course of learning, we ended up with tons of different books, beautiful cards, and notes everywhere. We decided to put it all together in a way that allowed us to create our own tarot dictionary as we practiced the art. We added the broadest key words, some common and not so common art and examples of cards, and more importantly, lots of ways for you to make it your own. Add your own key words as you learn your personal decks and create your own language of intuition. As you do your readings, you will develop a personal relationship with each card over time. These impressions are recorded over time, which will give you a foundation to more easily interpret your intuition, to understand your fears and hopes at a deeper level, and to share by teaching or reading for others. By the time you have filled the journal, you will have created the only tarot dictionary that you will need: the one that your intuition has written. We have also included our favorite spreads that we come back to over and over, and fillable readings pages that will give you a framework and guide to understanding your readings.

EAN: 9798792694514

Package Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.0 x 1.1 inches

Languages: English