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Green Witch Garden Apothecary

Orange Intention Candles

Orange Intention Candles

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Candles are hand-cast, made of our apothecary blend wax and 100% natural colorants.  Lightly scented in the classic Green Witch Garden Apothecary house scent- a light, minty sweet especially oil and plant blend that’s accentuated by 100% pure beeswax. No heavy fragrance oils or artificial fragrances. 

Each candle is about 1 ounce.

Please note: candles are hand-made in small batches with plants and natural food grade micas, leafs and flowers. We do our best to be consistent with color, but they will vary. They will be within the color range- and if you're needing a very specific color, contact us with a pic and we will do our very, very best. 

Because monitors and cameras and light varies, sometimes the candles appear slightly different colors than the pics. 

Single candles sold without case.

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