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Green Witch Garden Apothecary

Lavender Spray

Lavender Spray

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This is the ultimate MOOD spray! When you can't light a candle, this is where to go- it is a light, fresh, energy shifting FLORASOL spray for grounding, intention setting, air freshening, aligning, clearing and more!

(Check link for our 20 Everyday Uses for Hydrosols and Florasols for more about what they are and how they're made!)

"This is magic spray! This is my three year old's go-to for owies." - Lavon, Esthetician, Mom.

"This is part of my bed-time routine, besides grounding in meditation!"- Ember, Green Witch Garden Apothecary

Our distillate florasol lavender spray  is the very nectar of the plant- purified, free of all toxins and additives, no harsh oils, no perfumes. 

The pure, fragrant water-soluble nutrients, antioxidants and delicate oils that give plants their GLOW can soothe your spirit, reconnect you with your sacred connection, align you with the elegance of nature, and give you a soothing, mood LIFT with natural lavender.

LAVENDER: Made of SOOTHING LAVENDER distillate. Nothing else. We distill organic lavender specifically for the resulting florasol distillate- NOT as a by-product of another process.

Spray sheets and covers for restful sleep! Perfect for pillows! Blissful in bathrooms!


The steam distillation process renders a sterile, lightly fragrant, spray that tones and cools the skin, refreshes the air, and sets the mood for intentional practices with a light mist of pure, light, fresh lavender!

It is beautiful to freshen the car, closets and linens, and more. 

Florasols do not require refrigeration, but should be used within a year. 

Lavender has long been used to calm and soothe. 

HYDROSOLS AND FLORASOLS deliver PLANT nutrients straight to your skin, leaving it glowing, supple, hydrated and NOURISHED.  Lavender reduces redness causing inflammation. 

 Distillates are all the water soluble nutrients of the plants, with no volatile oils- safe and pure. Non-irritating, 

 Organic and free of ANYTHING not pure distillate.

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