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Green Witch Garden Apothecary

Custom Handmade Intention Candle

Custom Handmade Intention Candle

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Each candle represents a beautiful, active, energetic moment dedicated to you: your breath, your spirit, your hopes, dreams and most of all, your intentions. 

Candles, by their wax, the oils and plants added, their shapes, and the energetic intention imbued into them, become very specific, dedicated holders of energy. 

What do you need more light on? Where could you use an energetic boost?

When you order a custom Intention Candle, you will be taken to a scheduler, where you can schedule an included 15 minute call with Ember Livingston Emmons, creator of Green Witch Garden Apothecary, where you can discuss what you are looking for, and she will create a custom candle created and poured specifically to you.  After you schedule, you will be sent a video link to meet.

Candles will contain your special blend of herbs and plant magic, as well as other additions as called for, like stones and crystals. Candles can contain astrological star maps or reveal tarot cards if requested. 

Each Candle comes with one or more specific affirmations to boost their energetic power. 

Small Custom will be approximately 4 ounces.

Large Custom will be 8 ounces, or a series of candles. 

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