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Navigating a New Normal

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"Navigating a New Normal" is conversation with Ember Livingston Emmons, co-author of "Green Witch Garden's Meditation Magic," and co-founder of Green Witch Garden Apothecary, where she shares what she wished she could have known in 2016 when she unexpectedly became a full-time caregiver, advocate and support for someone suffering from schizophrenia.

If you are feeling lost in a "new normal", you won't want to miss this frank discussion, shared in the format of a free-course that you can access any time.

As an advocate and caregiver her life changed radically and permanently, leaving her feeling lost, traumatized and terrified in a new normal that no one would ask for- and watching as her loved one suffered from symptoms no one talks about, but 1 in 100 people suffer from.

After struggling for years with depression, diagnosed with PTSD, anxiety, guilt and fear, she realized that this was her one life- and it was never going to go back to "as planned" status. She had to find a way to keep fighting for someone else's care, and still care for herself to be in for the long haul.

She decided to not give up on herself and instead began living more authentically, peacefully and with time, became more and more at ease in a life she created out of the ashes.

As she leaned into the simple truths and systems that worked, she began to see that the light wasn't at the end of the tunnel- it was all around her, if she looked.

Learn her simple, down to earth strategies and straight forward advice for what it takes to get though the storm- and then keep going.