Green Witch Garden's Meditation Magic

The Green Witch Garden Book of Meditation Magic is a straight-forward, practical guide to beginning, developing and deepening a meaningful practice of intentional meditation.

For beginners, this book covers all the basics and offers a solid foundation for meditation.

For those more experienced in meditation, the exercises and meditations in this book will bring you back to the base of your practice, solidifying and renewing your energy and commitment to this wonderful habit of self-care.
  • Learn the basics of sitting meditation and when and how active meditations are the way to go.
  • Get familiar with your "monkey mind", and learn how to hold it's hand in new ways.
  • Practice breathing techniques and learn how and why to observe the breath.
  • Get the information you need to begin total body relaxation through powerful body scans and intentional releases.
  • Learn how to weave these practices into daily life with simple to implement tips.
  • Understand how to get intentional in your meditations, and then dive into how affirmations and mantras work with your practice.
  • Enjoy our MAGICAL OFFERING to you: a chapter with our Fifty Sacred Affirmations. These simple, profound and true affirmations are the foundation of our magical path, designed for maximum alignment and radical self-esteem.

If you've wanted to try meditation for the myriad benefits but needed a hand to get started, consider this your sign.
There is no more powerful self-care than spending the time in communication with your greatest source of wisdom: your inner-self, source of your intuition.. Meditation heals the mind, body and spirit- and it is much easier to get started than you think.

Can't sit still? See Chapter 2 for Active Meditations.

Wondering about meditation and religion? Check out Chapter 1 for some common myths and truths surrounding meditation.

Need a deeply life affirming reminder of who you are? Choose a Sacred Affirmation from Chapter 10 and use what you've learned to breathe, allow and release your way to a calmer, easier, more authentic you.
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