Reading Room: III Pentacles

III Pentacles: This is a card of teamwork. Two is a couple, three is a team, a trinity and a sacred number. There's many ways a team can work, but the golden rule must be remembered- you cannot have abundance in one area by creating lack in another. Making yourself smaller won't make someone else bigger. You have to feed yourself, first. 

Each part of a team must be nurtured individually as well as as a group. Feeding yourself whatever fires up your creative energy and becoming the fullest, most joyful version of yourself is the best way to be a valuable part of a team. If a team demands that you shine less brightly, that's not the right team. The best teams want the best, brightest members- every one getting equal voices, so make sure you're a team member and not a back-up singer or a stage-hog. 

There is the energy of unity here, of joyful expression leading to joyful expression.

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