The difference is mindset

Yesterday could have been “one of those days”, but it wasn’t.

I’ve dealt with plenty of difficult days lately. I’ve really wallowed in my feelings of loneliness, guilt, and general self loathing. Good times. But, honestly, it was all of my own making. It always is. Everything is. 

I got tired of crying and decided to feel better. Over the weekend I listened to Abraham Hicks talks. I had gotten away from listening to Abraham because it is kind of “out there”, but it made me feel better. I finally hung the spice racks that I’ve had sitting around in boxes for weeks. I did my physical therapy exercises, meditated, spent some time with family, and made some art that I liked. 

Yesterday was Monday. I kept the momentum going. I did my pt exercises by candlelight in the early morning while I listened to healing frequencies. I did a guided Abraham Hicks meditation, then one of my own. I actually had to pull myself out of it because it was going to be time for my morning meeting with Ember. That was a first for me. I wonder how long I would have stayed in that meditation, feeling light and disconnected. Ember and I had a very productive meeting and I left it excited for my tasks. 

Being me, I didn’t jump right into those tasks, though. My daughter, Lavon, had sent a message that we should take advantage of the good weather and get ourselves, the kids, and the dog outside.  Honestly, living in southeast Alaska, you truly do need to take advantage. Nice weather is not to be taken for granted. 

I jumped in the car to head over to her place and, right before I was to make the turn onto the main road, it died. And it meant it. But I really wasn’t bothered. I’ll have it fixed and maybe then get it sold and get into the smaller car that we want anyway. I was happy to ride my bike and Lavon needs to practice her driving anyway. Now she has no choice but to take over. I feel lucky for my options. And we did enjoy a lovely day that still had heat in it. 

As usual, I ran into technical hiccups with the projects I’m working on, but nothing felt stressful or overly important in that moment. I did what I could. 

I did my evening exercises by candlelight and then took a bath (also by candlelight) because my muscles are sore. I’m sore in the good way, the “hello, old friend, my body” kind of way. Then I listened to a positivity hypnosis/meditation as I lay in bed. I’m not sure how far I got through, I woke up at the end to turn it off. That was pretty much the day. 

My point in all of this is that the things that might have been terribly frustrating weren’t and all the lovely, simple joys had always been available to me. The difference was mindset. It always is. 



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