Intention card that reads, “I honor my body”

I honor my body

I remember the ease of movement I had when I was young. The joy I felt in my body and taking for granted the perfectness of my physical form. My body and I have been on a journey since then.

I’ve had skin issues, pain issues, and weight issues. But it’s all mind issues. It’s so easy to be hard on ourselves, or downright hateful. Choices are made every moment and in this moment I choose love. Love for myself is a conscious choice. Being kind and accepting of myself, where I am right now, is new and I have to check in with myself often. 

I enjoy the food I put into my body without judgment. I’m making myself stronger so that I’ll have less pain. I don’t take for granted the simple things I can do and enjoy like going for a walk, riding my bike, or just taking my shoes off and feeling my connection to the earth. 

My body is my home and it’s a gift. I’m grateful and I do honor it. 

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