Ankle Boots and Leggings, Oh my.

Ankle Boots and Leggings, Oh my.

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I love the look of tights with a skirt or dress, but I am really not big on footed tights because they can be uncomfortable and hot, and I like to go barefoot or wear sandals.

Usually, I end up in leggings under anything I am wearing, but with leggings there are a few pitfalls. I hate {HATE} fabric clinging in my legs when I walk, and that's a big problem with cotton/not slick leggings- and microfiber tights, for that matter. More exercise-y, performance leggings work a lot better (like a slip, but I can seriously not be bothered to wear a slip between my leggings and a dress most days), but the drawbacks are that these tend to not be very breathable, and some are tight, compressive or have waistbands that bug me. 

Because of that I was thrilled when I tested out our tights- they're footless and whisper light. They're breathable but the peached poly finish allows other fabrics to flow right over them. I've been wearing these to sleep with a tee, and under all my long dresses and skirts for extra mobility, warmth and in some cases- a fun kick of color. I pair them with sandals at home, but ankle boots are my favorite when I'm headed out. 

I really like a shorter, sleeker fabric-ed dress (like our midi or mini dresses) with a textured legging, and for this look- my very favorite combo with a velvet legging and an ankle boot. Whatever happens up above, ahem, raincoats, cardigans, this is always such a little cute place of intersection. 

Here are my favorite ankle boots to wear with both looks right now- perfect for Fall going into Winter. 

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1. Of all the ankle boots, these Xtra Tuff Women's Ankle Deck Booties are the ones that I, and Dasha, wear every day. Living in Alaska, we wear Xtra Tuff Boots (if you're unfamiliar, check them out, they're rubber boots that have really good non-slip soles, they're favored by fisherpeople up here, but work great for tromping around anywhere), but for time not in and out of skiffs or on major adventures, I slip these little booties on every time I step out to check plants, take a little walk or really, anything. These are the casual go-to's, no doubt about it. They're classically brown, but Dasha's are black and mine are the aqua-y blue/green.




2. Dr. Martens Women's 2976 Leonore Chelsea Boot is an all time classic, like many Docs. These ones kick ass and take names, the signature lug soles pair with a smooth, shiny upper that keeps a nice balance with a skirt. 


3.I own these Dr. Scholl's Ankle Boots, and for just under $60, they have a very witchy, old school vibe to them (remember wooden Dr. Scholl Sandals?). They're really lightweight and comfortable, and the uppers have tiny perforations in the material, making them breathable. They have a very slick, flat sole, so not for slippery surfaces, and the breathable is nice and cool but also not great in the rain. 

Bonus pick-

 I really like these Slate Grey Brianna', too- similar but I like the extra detailing and they look a little sturdier.



4. These Timberland's are witchy as can be- sky high chunky heels, not slippery, and warm as a caldron inside. They come in a few cute colors, but I am just partial to the classic black, especially in the Fall and Winter months when I'm likely to be muddy. 

5. These Frye Veronica Ankle Booties are showstoppers. Now, I almost always choose black if I am going to spend some money on a really good pair of shoes (or anything!), and I do loooove the black version of this, but, absolutely the witchiest, bitchingest, extra extra boot that belongs with velvet leggings is the GOLD. Seriously- they are on my very short wish list, and with any luck at all, I will soon be showing you how well they go with our Moss Velvet Leggings... and the Gold Leaf Tights.... As you can see, in this case, there's just something about those gold ones, and that is the very best part of fashion- finding that super special piece that speaks to you like art! 

(PS- Right now the Golds are actually quite a bit less expensive than the smooth black, so they're really worth checking out right now!)




Those are my picks for today- but I am always on the lookout for more fun, witchy magic to add the details I love to the comfy classics I live in.

For the next post, I think we will take a look at tall boots, it's just the right time of year!

Thanks for reading, and I welcome your conversation, let me know what you're wearing and what you're wishing for.


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