About Our Products.

About Our Products.

We are based in Alaska and work with partners in California, Pennsylvania and Nevada. All of our products are produced and shipped from one of these locations, and will ship as quickly as possible to your location. Sometimes, this means different products may ship in separate packages. We'll keep you informed on your order's shipping as it happens, with tracking and updates. 

All of our GWG Collection Pieces are made from fabric we design, that is printed/dyed, cut and sewn just for us- from a small business in California. 

For our sweatshirts, tees and customized basics, we have chosen products that we love. We tried a whole bunch that we didn't love, and then worked with our partners to put the best parts together and make clothes and accessories that we ourselves want to have. 

Our focus is on style and comfort- we want clothes we use to do the things we want to do, and we don't want to do anything with a pinchy waistband or fabric that doesn't breathe. We like classic, easy to wear, with attention to the aspects of very casual clothes that set them apart and make them... just, more. For us, that's necklines, hemlines, fabric and meaningful prints and designs.

We want to wear art, we want to wear what we love- and for us, that's nature inspired, green and witchy, connected to meditation and intuition, and most of all: planty. 

Our collection is made up of staple pieces that are tried and true, the ones we love and wear every day. The art is where it gets fun! We are always creating new designs and art to keep the collection fresh- like a plant, we keep growing.

You can try a new design totally assured that the product isn't an unknown! 

Check back often, as we are always trying new things and looking for clothes that are effortless, classic, timeless and witchy as can be ;)

Each piece is named after one of our favorite witches in celebration of their individual magic. 

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