20 Everyday Uses for Hydrosols and Florasols

20 Everyday Uses for Hydrosols and Florasols

Hydrosol and florasol distillates are delicate, mild but powerful water-based plant essences that are a product of distilling plant matter with water. This is done either by submerging the plant in water before distilling, or hydro-distilling, or by forcing steam (vapor) through the plant matter, and collecting the resulting liquid, which, because boiling temperatures and the careful temperature control and condensing process, is free of impurities and, the volatile oils (also known as essential oils) have been separated out.

The resulting disillates have a wide range of uses, and are safe and non-toxic. The best distillates are the ones which are made for the distillate liquid, and not a by-product of distilling for essential oils.


How are Hydrosols and Florasols Different than Essential Oils?

Essential oils, which are volatile oils, are very popular today for a variety of uses, but unlike the Hydrosols and Florasols, they must be used with caution, as they can burn skin if not properly diluted, and, when taken internally, can cause major organ failure, resulting in death. Plants are powerful, and must be respected! Natural does not always equal safe, and caution should be used, especially when ingesting plants you aren’t sure about. Hurricanes, flash floods and snake bites are all natural, as well as the detrimental effects of many plants if used improperly.

“The poison is in the dose,” is an extremely accurate saying, so while there are countless plants that nourish, heal and sustain us, we must be mindful to fully educate ourselves on the potential dangers of any plants we use. It is not necessary to have extensive history with botany or wild plants and herbs, though, to benefit from adding more plants and plant energies into your life. Simple is sometimes the most powerful medicine, and incorporating easy to identify and source fresh vegetables, common plants like chamomile, peppermint, sage and thyme are easy and abundant ways to begin increasing your relationship with the natural world.

Hydrosol and Florasol distillates are an ideal way to incorporate natural elements into day to day life, wherever you are. They are gently fragrant, but not overwhelming, and often are safe for people who are sensitive to perfumes and additives. They are also easily combined with other plant distillates, gentle carrier oils, glycerites and vinegars.

For the enthusiast, they can be made at home with a distiller (there are several types available, from Alembic Style Copper Stills, some of which were used a thousand years ago, or modern electric distillers and stills), or purchased from a trusted source. We recommend www.greenwitchgardenapothecary.com, but we are definitely a little biased!


Check out these 20 ways to easily incorporate these magic plant waters into your day to day life!

Household Uses:

1.Linen spray. Lavender, Lemon or Rosemary/Grapefruit are beautiful choices. Peppermint is not only refreshing, but also repels spiders.

2. Gentle, non-toxic cleaner, dusting, wiping delicate surfaces. Lemon Hydrosol or Lavender Florasol are both safe for all surfaces, and gently cleanse without any residue or harsh chemicals. No need to rinse, as there is no organic matter in the distillates.

3. Great for soaking delicate items. Lavender is perfect for delicates; rinses clean, does not stain, and leaves no residue or lingering perfumes. Lemon is wonderful for soaking teething rings, baby toys, and other objects that might absorb harsh chemicals or soaps.

4. Plant Spray. Rosemary Hydrosol can be misted on plants to deter pests. Lemon works to gently, safely clean delicate leaves.

5. Non-allergenic Air Freshener. Lavender, Lemon, Grapefruit or Rosemary for a “greener” scent, distillates purify the air and gently remove odors.

6. Use in humidifiers, defusers in place of harsher oils. Fill with Rosemary distillate to deter pests for an area.

7. Pet freshener. Spray can be safely sprayed on pets to wipe them down quickly when there’s no time for a full bath, and to clean delicate or sensitive paws, etc. Distillates are as gentle as water, and completely sting free. Personal Care Uses.

8. Delicate, 100% active ingredient astringent, without burning, irritating or over-drying.

9. Gentle make-up remover. Use on a pad or cloth to gently clean delicate areas like the eyes and neck, and use through out the day to cleanse and refresh face and neck.

10. Absorbs easily and cools skin. Beat the heat, whether it’s out or in, with light, crisp distillate. Cools as it evaporates without stripping skin.

11. Soothes and hydrates dry or irritated skin. There are times that no oils, lotions or cleaners should be used on skin. Many times, break-out and dull, tired skin is the result of doing too much. Light, all-natural Hydrosols and Florasols refresh, soothe and brighten skin without adding any weighty oils, gels or other potential irritants. These are an ideal way to give skin a break and let it heal.

12. Deeply and effectively moisturizes, especially with the addition of a fast-absorbing, non-volatile oil, like Sweet Almond, Jojoba or Tomato Seed. Hydrosols and Florasols combine easily, and can be mixed or co-distilled for different useful combinations. They also mix into other products, making them lighter and more easily absorbed, as well as extending their use.

13. Safe for all skin, contains no volatile oils (like the kind found in EOs). Volatile oils must be mixed with a carrier oil to be safely applied to skin, but with Hydrosols and Florasols, you don’t have to worry about over-use, accidentally mixing too much and burning your skin, or getting it in your eyes.

14. Can be used alone or as part of a skin-care routine. For many people, just a simple Hydrosol or Florasol spray is enough for their skin most of the time. For others, or seasonally and in different conditions, the addition of a lightweight oil to the distillate adds the extra boost of protection and emollient. Hydrosols and Florasols can also be used as a base, giving your skin a boost of nutrient rich anti-oxidants, before being layered with other products.

15. Used intentionally to incorporate nature into your own natural beauty, does not cover or hide, but nourishes and reveals. Unlike other products, Hydrosols and Florasols are, at their core, the simplest skincare product there is. There is nothing more basic and essential than our relationship to nature, and truly, every thing we need to be healthy and happy can be found in nature. Using a simple, ancient process to combine plants with water- which we are made of and that gives us life, and is so often what is lacking in healthy skin. Drinking enough water gives skin a glow from within, and misting it with delicate, plant infused distillate delivers nutrients at a cellular level, and gives skin a natural, beautiful glow.

Spiritual Uses:

16. Safe, non-toxic way to incorporate nature, plant energy into daily life. If you don’t have a green thumb (yet!) or the ability to be surrounded by nature in the day to day, Hydrosols and Florasols are a way to be in nature wherever you are, misted with the very essence of whatever plant energy you are needing guidance or support from.

17. Used topically, no risk of interfering with other medications, unexpected side-effects, etc., that can sometimes happen with teas, tinctures and other herbal medicines. Natural medicines are great, but not for the amateur, and should be approached with caution.

18. Useful Grounding Tool. The physical sensation of the light, infused mist can only be experienced in the present, providing an anchor for the busy mind to return to the physical self. For many, this can help with anxiety, soothe and refocus into the now.

19. Clearing Tool. Used to associate and quickly return the mind to a state of Mu. Helps make a ritual so the brain can quickly form a habit of clearing, leaving the mind ready to identify and clear negative and fear -based beliefs and belief system, so new, intentional beliefs can be chosen, leading to behavioral shifts as the brain re-aligns to work in your best, consciously chosen interest.

20. Dream Ritual Spray. Calms, soothes and relaxes the mind, drawing associations and helping to sleep more deeply and peacefully, leading to a better atmosphere for productive dreaming. Rituals promote the likelihood of remember dreams, and also of being able to reach a lucid dreaming state. Distillates containing specific plant elements can be used to promote and enhance these practices.

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